Your on-file payment method will be charged on the 4th day of each renewal month and renew based on their original term length.

If you’re unsure if your subscription will auto-renew, you can log into your account here to check the status of your subscription. You will see either a “renews on” date for auto-renewing subscriptions or an “expires on” date for subscriptions which will not renew.

You will be notified by email of any upcoming renewals 2 days before your scheduled renewal date. If you have any questions or requests, please email us at

Types of Subscriptions:

Personal Subscriptions (not purchased with the “gift” option)

All non-gift subscriptions will be automatically renewed on the 4th day of the month at the end of their prepaid term.

Gift Subscriptions

When purchasing on our direct website, the default setting for gift subscriptions is “not renew. 

When purchasing through Cratejoy’s marketplace, the default setting for a gift subscription is to “renew.”

*Gift subscriptions will offer the option to select whether your subscription will renew at check out. If you’ve sent a gift, you can log in to your account and change the renewal setting at any time.

Skipping or Pausing Renewals:

Selecting the “Skip Next Renewal" option allows you to delay your next renewal date. Plan to skip a renewal by the last day of the month to avoid any charges.

  • Login to your account here.
  • Click the ‘Subscriptions’ tab at the top of the page.
  • Click ‘Edit’.
  • Click the ‘Skip Next Renewal’ button.
  • A window will pop verifying your previous renewal date and your new renewal. To confirm select "Yes, Skip It.

Choosing “Skip Next Renewal” will skip your renewal for the upcoming billing cycle and will reschedule your subscription to auto-renew on next cycle.


If you’re on a 6-month term, skipping a renewal will postpone payment for 6 months. Your next auto-renewal will be scheduled to process 6 months after the skipped renewal date.

*Subscriptions cannot be paused indefinitely, and require a future renewal date to maintain active status.

*Renewal dates can be rescheduled via special request. Please reach out to for assistance.